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Aimée Mandjila

Visual Arts


To create means to connect

Where there is creation there inevitably must be connection. The first connection is between the creator and his/her/their creation. It is a bond shared with no one else. Not one person in this world will look at my paintings and see them the way I do. Just as I will never see them the way they do. But connections goes far beyond this first bond. Art as a special form of communication connects people, places, ideas. It acknowledges the existence of different realities and puts them into relation to eachother. The concept of connection inevitably involves division, since we are used to a dichotomous view and approach to and of the world. When there is connection between different subjects it includes that somewhere there must be something or someone that is not included hence divided. I am specially interested in division, connection and all the in betweens. What does division look like in our society? Who or what defines wether one is connected or separated? To what can we even be connected? To money? To nature? To each other?

My main source of inspiration is my first and most important form of connection. It is rooted in my believes, my spirituality, my faith. God created humans, and his creation - we - are supposed to live in connection with God.  Because if there is creation without connection there is an imbalance. Out of this first connection my whole energy, joy and creativity flows.



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